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Extended Epilogues: Call and Wild series





"Lucas! Get off the back of the couch!"

"Yeah, Lucas," Callie shrieks, blowing a raspberry at him.

"Mooom," Lucas whines, rolling off it onto the floor dramatically. "No fair!"

"Lucas," I warn, giving the rowdy boy a stern look, shutting the door behind me.

"Dad!" Both kids scream, and I drop my bag just in time to bend down and catch them in my arms.

"Hey, you two! Have you been bad for your mum?"

"No! Never!" Callie insists.

"Yeah, no," Lucas echoes, his dark eyes wide as he looks at me.

"Really? Because that whining was bad."

He opens his mouth then closes it.

"Don't talk to your mum that way, okay." I kiss his head and get up.

"Okay, Daddy." He grins.

"Yeah, Lucas!" Callie repeats.

I grab her arms and throw her playfully onto the couch. "And you! Stop winding your brother up."

She pouts, her eyes bright. "But Daddy, he's being dumb."

"You're winding me up!" Lucas points at her. "Dad, she bugs me!"

"You're winding each other up." Liv stops in the doorway and puts her hands on her hips. She runs her eyes over the kids, her gaze skimming Callie's dark curls and Lucas's much lighter, blonde ones. "Can't you, I don't know, just go to your rooms or something until I've cooked your dinner?"

"No." Callie sits up. "He comes in all the time."

"Then can't you play nicely?"

She wrinkles her face with the attitude only a six-year old has. "With a boy? Ew, no."

I laugh. "You better say the same thing in ten years." I pull her back down and tickle her sides with my fingers.

"Tyler!" Liv gives me her 'mum' look, the one that always stops the kids in their tracks.

I pause, still holding Callie's sides, and looks up. "Yes, beautiful?"

"You aren't--"

"Pile on!" Lucas laughs, jumping onto my back. His little arms go around my neck and I fall to the side dramatically.

"...helping," Liv finishes wearily. "Lucas! Enough!"


"Okay, fella." I swing him round to my front. "Listen to your mother. Go and play with your trucks in your room and calm down before dinner."

"Ner ner ner ner ner!" Callie pokes her tongue out as Lucas stomps off. He stops in the door next to Liv and narrows his eyes at me. Liv rubs his hair fondly as he runs past, making a zooming noise, his feet pounding against the staircase, his annoyance forgotten in seconds.

"And you." Liv turns on Callie, and she shrinks back. "Don't you have math homework to do?"

Callie shakes her head, her eyes suspicious wide and panicked.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mom. I did it earlier."

"Okay." Liv leans against the doorframe and folds her arms across her chest. "So that sheet of paper on the kitchen table isn't yours? You know, the one with the first-grade math problems on?"

"Callie..." My stare is firm as she turns to look at me.

She blinks, then drops her head. "I don't understand it."

"Then ask, you silly girl." I kiss the side of her head. "I'll come and help you in a minute, okay? Let me speak to your mum a minute."

Callie nods and slinks across the room to where Liv is. She pauses next to her, then hugs her leg. "Sorry, Mom."

Liv closes her eyes and shakes her head. "It's okay. But don't tell me lies, Tiny. I'll always find out. It's a special mom power."

Callie looks up with her eyes wide. "Okay," she breathes, running into the kitchen.

"Super mum power, huh?" I get up and walk over to her.

Liv looks at me, her smile growing. "It works, all right? Last week I told Lucas that Santa can see him through the living room mirror."

I glance at the wall where the mirror is hanging. "That right, huh?" She nods, and I reach out. Grabbing her waist, I pull her in to me, and lower my face to hers. "In that case, you're not getting anything for Christmas this year."

"Really?" She runs her hands up my chest and clasps them behind my neck.

"Except maybe handcuffs and a spanking," I murmur, dropping my mouth to hers. She melds her lips against mine, and they move in a perfect harmony, they way they always have.

"Oh no. How will I cope?"

"Screaming might help." My lips make their way down her jaw to her neck. "My name, specifically."

"Seven years and he still thinks he can tell me what to do."

I slap her ass sharply. "Damn fucking right I can tell you what to do. You're my bitch, Liv. Now tell me what underwear you're wearing under that dress."

Her blue eyes flick up to mine, and a teasing smile plays on her lips. "Never," she whispers, all innocence and sweetness.

"Then I'm finding out." I drop into a crouch, and she laughs, running her fingers through my hair.


"Mmm." I push her dress up and, kissing her thigh, glance at the pale pink triangle covering her bare pussy. "My favorite."

"They're all your favorite." Her words are breathy as I kiss up her leg.

"That's because you look fucking sexy in all of them," I mumble against her skin, my mouth falling ever closer to her pussy."

"Tyler... Kids..."

"Aren't right here." I ease the material away from her wetness and flick my tongue against her clit. She gasps, gripping my hair tightly, and I press an open-mouthed kiss onto her wet pussy, my tongue massaging her clit for a few short seconds. Too fucking short.


I stand up, grinning, and pull her mouth against mine. "Stay wet for me. I missed you this weekend, so I plan to fuck you until you can't breathe."

She smiles slowly, love shining in her eyes. "Don't you always?"

I sweep her into another kiss, one that conveys every ounce of love for her, one that reminds us that we beat our addictions and fought for a love that'll never break. "Always have, my beautiful, flighty bitch, and I always will."





"It isn't fair."

"What isn't fair, little Riot?"

Harriot pouts. "I want candy now."

"You can't have candy now. Your mom is asleep and it makes you crazy."

"She's always asleep." She folds her arms across her chest. "And she's fat."

I laugh. "She's not fat. You mustn't say that or you might upset her."

She sighs, her six-year old attitude out in force. "I know, there's a baby in her belly. When's it gonna come out?"

"That 'it' is your little sister." I tap her nose. "And she will come out when she wants to."

"Will mom sleep all the time when she's out?"

"Maybe a little, at first. She slept a lot after you were born."

Harriot wrinkles her nose. "Sleeping sucks. It's for old people."

"You've spent too much time with your granddad." I shake my head. "And I'm more than aware of your stance on sleeping, Riot. Four a.m. this morning, wasn't it?"

"Look, Dad, I can't help it when I want milk and cookies, okay?" She shakes her head. "I'm a kid. This stuff happens."

Oy--the kid sure got Dayton's attitude. "Well, can it happen a little later tomorrow?"

"Sure. Can I have candy now?"

I cover my eyes with my hand. "We're not bargaining, kid. Not today."

"Then, no. I'll see you at four a.m., Dad."

"Riot, are you winding your daddy up again?" Dayton's voice filters through the room, and both me and Harriot turn to look at her. She looks fucking gorgeous, even if she is eight months pregnant, her hair a mess on top of her head.

"No, Mom. He's being unfair again. Candy for a lie-in. That's a good deal!"

Dayton smiles, laughter behind the curve of her lips. "She's got a point, baby." She looks at me. "How badly do you want to sleep-in?"

I shake my head. "Not that badly."

"No beuno, Dad. No beuno." Harriot flops back onto her butt and grabs the remote, immediately changing to the Disney channel.

I leave her sitting on the sofa and get up. "Can you believe this kid?"

Dayton grins, waddling into the kitchen. "She got my sass and your outlook on life. She was always gonna be a formidable kid." She glance back into the living room at our dark-haired beauty.

"Your sass, my outlook, and your looks. Damn, Mrs. Stone," I mutter, stepping up behind Day and running my hands over her bump. "We created a demon."

"Two demons," she corrects me, looking at her burgeoning stomach. "This one has her head on my bladder and her foot hooked under my rib like I'm her personal playground."

"You kind of are, Bambi."

She looks at me. "Watch it. I'm in a good mood right now. That can change in a second."

Don't I fucking know it. If I thought she was bad transitioning from the implant to the pill before we got married, I wasn't prepared for pregnancy. She was like a fucking yo-yo with her crazy-ass moods with Harriot, and this time it's no different.

"I'll cheer you up." I kiss the base of her neck. "I bought that bath stuff you like, and there's Ben and Jerry's in the freezer."

"Mmm." She turns and smiles at me. "Okay, now we're talking, Mr. Stone."

I grin, bending forward to kiss her, and I lower my voice. "And it can be arranged for a fuck-off hard on to appear in my pants."

Her mouth flattens into a thin line. "I'm fat."

"No. You're sexy, and you're gorgeous, and that dress is way shorter than you think." I tease the top of her thighs with my fingertips. "And I'm turned on."

She reaches between us and skims the back of her fingers over my hard cock. Her eyes flick to mine, but I don't know why she's so surprised. She's fucking gorgeous. Totally fucking gorgeous, pregnant or not.

"All right, Mr. Stone," she breathes. "But I get the ice-cream first."

I cup her neck and pull her face to mine, grinning widely. "Done."



If you're here, reading this, then thank you. Thank you for taking the time to purchase and read my books, then love the characters enough to come here for more. I'm going to miss these guys a lot, *sob* but I hope you'll stay with me for the next group of crazy, sexy, sassy characters I bring to you.




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